3 Proven Ways of Developing an Essay writing Outline

Why Do I Need an Essay Outline?

An essay outline is an essential part of the pre-writing phase of a writing process. An essay outline organizes your ideas into a logical flow to make sense to the reader. Having a good outline helps you in forming a comprehensive and systematic essay. It also assists in the correct development of your ideas. Therefore, you should purpose to have an essay outline before you start writing your final essay.  

Depending on the nature of your paper, you will have an essay outline. By design, it can contain points to support your stance on a subject. The outline should be well organized to facilitate easier reading and understand acquisition. Sometimes, your lecturer may require a linear structure for the flow of your ideas. In either case, it is up to you to determine the essay outline to use.

Regardless of the topic, an essay outline should include an introduction to the main section. You begin this section with a hook. It is vital to use an hook in such a way that your https://www.academia.edu/7633228/Broadening_the_Engineering_Curriculum_and_Infrastructure readers get the chance to read through your work. It would help if you http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~rcm/papers/thesis/thesis.pdf also had another section in the body that provides a justification for the pre-writing phase. The introduction should provide a background to your topic and answer the research questions.  

The next step is the body, which contains the assertion made. A well-structured essay body should have paragraphs that introduce each idea. Each of these paragraphs should be self-explanatory. The first paragraph should present the main idea that the thesis is trying to address. The next two paragraphs should argue for or against the claim. The body paragraph should present valid evidence to support the claim. Lastly, the final paragraph should summarize the key points mentioned in the introduction.     

How to Develop an Essay Outline

The pre-writing phase is the most demanding part of the writing process. You need to have all the relevant materials at hand. After researching for relevant ideas, you can get the momentum to develop a plan. Here are tips to help you in the writing process.

Have a Thesis Statement

Every thesis statement you write in your essay should be in your thesis statement. The thesis statement provides your stance on the topic. Making a mistake to include it in your document makes it hard to support your claims. Furthermore, it is advisable to have another statement that summarizes your argument. It helps the reader to understand the reasoning behind writing your essay.  

Use the Introduction as a Guide

Before you embark on the https://honestessay.com writing process, you must ensure that you have a clear understanding of what the essay is all about. Once you have highlighted all the ideas, it is easier to get the writing gears going. Your introduction should give your thesis some shape and shape. Ensure that it is catchy to make the audience want to read more of your paper.  

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